Sunday 9th September @ 10am

About Rigid


Rigid has a long history of corrugated manufacturing stretching back over a century. The company is proud of its strong heritage and reputation in the towns where it is located.

Since the 1960s, Rigid has led the way in modern manufacturing principles ensuring customers not only benefit from innovation through continual investment, but also from highly cost-effective packaging solutions.

Founded in 1907 in Desborough, Northamptonshire the company has gone through significant expansion and investment including the development of sites at Selby, Wellington, Aston and in Limerick.

In 2000, Belgium-based VPK Packaging acquired Rigid which culminated in in an extensive investment plan. Rigid now houses some of the most advanced corrugated converting machinery in the UK, making it an essential part of VPK’s 1 billion Euro turnover portfolio.


Corporate and Social Responsibility

The company also takes the responsibility that we have to the local communities where our sites are situated very seriously. Sponsoring local sports teams and taking part in sporting events for charity is part of our ethos to help and support the local community and our staff. For instance we support local football teams on an annual basis and have will be sponsoring a half marathon near our Desborough site in Northamptonshire due to be held in 2017. This is also essential in developing comradery between our employees, who will take part on behalf of an employee-nominated charity.

Charitable contributions form a significant part of our corporate strategy and during 2017 we plan to continue to help and assist local and national charities, community groups and events in the towns situated near our factories.

For example, we recently made a donation for a heart defibrillator at a primary school located near Rigid’s Selby site and contributed towards training the children how to use the equipment in an emergency situation, as well as other valuable life-saving techniques.

In addition, Rigid’s work supporting local causes that would otherwise receive limited funding have made a big difference to the local community. Recently we made a pledge to help a Desborough Girl Guide group for girls with varying special needs and from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The company has also made a donation to the Desborough-based Heritage Centre who have archived and supplied old photographs detailing our long history as an employer in the town.

At our Limerick site we have taken part in the Limerick FirstLight 100 campaign to raise money to help families who have had children that have unexpectedly or suddenly died. Money donated is being used for vital counselling services and for offering support that is much needed in a desperate situation.

Rigid views its charitable contributions as being essential for a company Rigid’s size and we plan to continue and assist local communities throughout 2017.